220V Mini Heat Gun For Crafts

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homeandgadget Home Pink / 220v / 3Flat plug 220V Mini Heat Gun For Crafts
homeandgadget Home White / 220v / 3Flat plug 220V Mini Heat Gun For Crafts
homeandgadget Home White / 220v / 3Flat plug 220V Mini Heat Gun For Crafts
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Creating crafts and doing DIY projects is exciting t but the lack of appropriate tools is enough to kill all the fun. This mini heat gun is a must-have tool for your DIY chores. It can let you soften up adhesives, remove old paint or wallpaper, bend plastic and pipes, apply heat shrinks and defrost the freezer. But mind it, these are just some of the unlimited practices you can accomplish with this tool.


  • A high working temperature of 200oC: It offers a working temperature of 200oC which is enough to accomplish the majority of tasks you can do with a heat gun. It doesn’t offer adjustable temperature but you can alter the magnitude of the provided heat by adjusting the distance between the surface and the mini heat gun. Position it at 45 degrees to the surface until the process is complete.

  • Non-slip grip pad: The nodes on the grip pad makes sure that the hand doesn’t slip during the operation to avoid any hazardous occurrence.

  • Metal stent for still operation: If you have to keep the small heat gun at a fixed point for a long time, anchor it using the metallic stent. It is recommended not to use it for over 10 minutes straight.

  • Sturdy wired connection: Unlike low-quality heat guns that incur stripped-off wires after some months of use, this mini heat gun has a properly insulated wire joint that is secured with the body. The circuit also includes a heat sink to avoid over-heating near the wire and button region.

  • Opportunity to do plenty of tasks: Remove glue gun stains from the surfaces, apply heat shrinks on the wires, remove paper tiles, solder or desolder joints, repair vinyl coating, create plastic seals, remove old wallpapers, etc.