Life Easier Egg Storage Box

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You buy eggs in dozens and place them in an ordinary box. A slight push will give a good shake to the eggs, and some of them will break instantly.

You cannot leave the eggs in the open for long as they develop mold and become uneatable.

So what can you do to keep the eggs fresh and safe from breaking?

Get this life easier egg storage box and start living a hassle-free life. The drawer design of the egg storage box is ideal for maximum space saving, keeping the eggs safe, and ensuring the eggs don’t lose freshness.

What you’ll get:

  • Drawer design: The drawer design of the storage box makes it convenient to store eggs. Gently pull the drawer, place eggs and push it back inside. This prevents the eggs from moisture and dust.
  • Increased storage: It can store around 20 eggs. The long groove design makes it simple to place eggs in a designated manner. You can conveniently place the box over each other to make use of limited space.
  • Anti-collision design: The groove design ensures the eggs don’t collide with each other, preventing them from any breakage. Pick the egg from the front, and the next-in-line egg will take its place automatically.
  • Freshness record: The hollow gap on both sides of the storage box gives it a breathable design that keeps the eggs fresh for a longer duration. The box has a freshness mark table that is useful in reminding you about the freshness of the eggs.