19th Century Wooden Sausage Cutter & Salami Slicer Machine

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Cutting meat and veggies for daily meals might not be considered a hectic task. But, when you have to do it in bulk for the very housewarming party you’ve organized, it becomes like a never-ending road. You feel like you’ve been cutting the meat, sausage, salami, and bologna for ages now, still the tower of food you see isn’t going down!


Save your hands from all the cuts and effort with this wooden sausage cutter. With its easy-to-use design and sharp serrated steel blades, you can have slices of salami, vegetables, pepperoni, bologna, sausages, and cheese within minutes now.

No need for a separate cutting board and knife when you have a dedicated sausage wooden slicer at your disposal. A perfect tool for your kitchen and restaurant. 


  • Beechwood body: Our 19th century wooden slicer is immersed in a traditional beechwood design that is pleasing to the eye. The meat cutter has an antique vibe, perfect to be added to your kitchen.

  • Minimal to zero effort: Forget the knives that have given you endless cuts to remember. Instead, invest in this wooden meat slicer with sharp serrated steel blades and cut 1.5mm thick slices in minutes.

  • Convenient and easy to use: The design of the salami slicer machine includes a slot for your hand so you can handle the cutting content with ease and without any effort. Useful for parties when you must cut a lot of stuff in less time.

  • One food cutter tool for all your cuttings: This salami cutter is suitable to slice sausages, cheese, butter, chocolate, bologna, fish, dry meat, and vegetables like cucumber, carrot, etc.

  • Vintage design: Inspired by the traditional 19th-century design scheme, the meat, and cheese slicer is a great item for your kitchen or wine cellar where people like to have sliced salami with their favorite wine.

  • Perfect for parties: Avoid the hassle of cutting the perfect rounds to make sandwiches or salads. Just place one sausage or pepperoni slicer at each table and let the guests have some cutting fun. ;)

* Change the blade anytime you feel