2 in 1 Tongs Grip and Flip Spatula

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2 in 1 tongs grip and flip spatula – It's the queen of the kitchen that will take your daily breakfast-making experience to the heights of perfection.

Remember that disappointment and heart-wrenching feeling when you broke your delicious-looking omelet in half.

Ah, all you prayed was to flip it as a whole successfully as they do in all those tv commercials.

How many of your whole fish, yummy french toasts, and fried eggs have been turned into small pieces just because you didn't flip them perfectly? Yeah, a lot!

Say no more because this easy-grip cooking tool works like a spatula to grip and tongs to flip all at once.


  • Food safe flipper: It is made of wear-proof and heat-resistant food-grade nylon that is utterly harmless for humans. Yes, usage of this egg spatula won't contaminate your meal.
  • Must-have cooking tool: It is a perfect companion for indoor and outdoor cooking. Grip n flip eggs, french toast, fish, steak, omelet, pancakes, bacon, hot dogs, quesadilla, tortilla wraps, etc.
  • A dream come true: No need to feel disappointed and sad because your breakfast isn't Instagram-worthy anymore. The silicone egg tongs allow you to flip the food perfectly every time!