2-in-1 Twist Pill Crusher & Cutter

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Do you still use a pestle to crush a pill?

And a knife to cut it in half.

Not anymore with this smart pill crusher and splitter. It takes care of the chore from every angle you can think of: ease of use, effectiveness and durability. 

If you have a small throat and are frightened of taking medicines then use this pill grinder to enable you to take bitter medicines with ease. 


  •  2-in-1 pill crusher: This pill crusher has two compartments. The upper one features a petal-shaped space and a blade that easily cuts the pill in half. The lower compartment is used for crushing the tablet. We recommend using 1-2 tablets at a time for maximum effect.
  • No pain, a lot of gain: Not only is this product meant for people with a weak grip but for arthritis patients and people with weak hands as well. You don’t have to apply extra pressure to turn the crushing dome unlike general pill crushers because of its design. Instead of a straight cylindrical crusher, it employs a dome-shaped smasher that performs with better effect. Just rotate it until you feel the resistance and see if the pill is totally crushed. If not, repeat the process.
  • No residue left in the compartment: One of the other big problems with pill smashers is that a lot of medicine is wasted – not with this pill crusher. The groves of the drinking cup are at a distance above the base which means all the crushing takes place below it hence no powder is stuck with the grooves. Also, the dome-shaped smasher has a smooth surface so any residue attached to it can be easily wiped off with a finger.
  • Extra compartment for storage: There is an extra circular compartment for storing the pills or the crushed powder for added convenience. The whole pill crusher is made of plastic which will not break or shatter. 
  • Travel friendly: The small and lightweight size of this pill grinder makes it an ideal product to accompany on your trips. Take your medicines on time without worrying about how to conveniently crush or split them on the move.