2-in-1 Veggie and Fruit Slicer

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The last time you attended a party at your friend's house, you were amazed by the dressings she used to decorate the meals.

It's your time to shine and impress the guests at your house party. Nothing will make your dishes look more exotic than the thin slices of fruits and veggies made by this 2-in-1 veggie and fruit slicer.

Use this magical tool to cut ultra-thin strips of potatoes, zucchini, apple, etc. It is ergonomic to use and makes the chore a breezy task.

What you'll get:

  • Efficiency and speed: If you are running late for a party and the guests are almost to arrive, this thin slicing gadget will assist you in making strips of fruits and veggies in a matter of minutes. With smooth and equally thin slices, no food will be wasted.
  • Safety: Unlike the risks using a knife contains, this 2-in-1 veggie and fruit slicer is extremely safe to use. With no direct contact with the blade, your fingers will be out of any danger.
  • Healthy addition to meal: If your kids run away from eating veggies, use this slicer to make beautiful strips of the same veggies, and they will be eating them wholeheartedly.
  • Multi-use: This gadget is ideal for slicing thin layers of a variety of fruits and vegetables like beetroot, potatoes, pears, apples, and much more.
  • Easy cleaning: The detachable design of the device makes it easy to clean, dry, and store when not in use.