2-In-1 Wine Seal Stopper

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Getting air into a cold drink/wine will make it acidifying and spoils its fresh taste.

So keeping your bottle cover sealed with this 2-In-1 Wine Seal Stopper will prove handy.

This stopper not only keeps air out of the bottle, but it also helps you to pour the beverage from the bottle into a glass without spilling it. So go ahead and use it to enjoy fresh juice or wine with comfort.

What you’ll get:

  • No beverage spilling: This stopper prevents spilling and helps you pour the drink from the bottle into a glass without wasting even a single drop.
  • Anti-leak system: This seal stopper is built in anti-leak mechanism to prevent the beverage from leakage.
  • Wide applications: This seal stopper fits all bottle sizes perfectly, including wine, juice, liquor, dairy, beer, etc.
  • Simple to use: Using this stopper is a breeze. Simply insert it into the bottle’s finish and rotate it whenever you need a drink.