2pc Lace Boiled Egg Cutter

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Boiled eggs are a protein and nutrient powerhouse. Therefore, you must include them in your everyday meals to be healthier. 

But do you think simple boiled eggs are boring, and your kids flout at their sight on the breakfast table?

Well, it's time to instill this high-quality protein source with vim and vigor so your young ones can gobble them up with a smile on their face.

Introducing the handy lace egg cutter - It’ll transform your boring boiled eggs into pleasing and interesting reservoirs of protein. Make a zig-zag incision in your egg and add a smiley on its face to make it more appealing for your daily meal. An ingenious cooking addition you'll never want to part with.

What you'll get:

  • Creative Look: With this one-of-a-kind lace egg cutter, you can give your eggs a DIY flair. Unleash your creativity in the kitchen and make chores more enjoyable.
  • Easy and safe to operate: The days of cutting boiled eggs with a knife are long gone. To give eggs an artsy look, use this highly safe and convenient tool. It protects your fingers from any kind of harm. To get a flawless cut, roll the boiled egg over this cutter while gently pushing the egg.
  • Readily accepted by kids: Children are quick to reject a dish if it appears to be boring.  Not anymore! Add thrill with this tool to impress your kids and make them readily eat protein-rich eggs.
  • Impress your guests: Not just the kids but the unique shape will surely be impressive for your guests too, and they'll be asking your secret technique. Quick and easy to use and wash.