3-In-1 Drill-Free Slippers Rack

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Having unorganized slippers on the floor creates an untidy look. With your footwear thrown haphazardly, you won’t be able to quickly find the one you need. 

Prevent this hassle and arrange your slippers with our 3-In-1 Drill-Free Slippers Rack.

It keeps your slippers organized without taking up place. You won’t have to spend hours looking for the right shoe suitable for a particular occasion.

What you’ll get:

  • Organize your slippers: This rack has three holders to keep the shoes in order. So, if you have a jumble of slippers at home, simply use this to sort them out.
  • Drilling-free walls: The adhesive back of this rack prevents drilling and nailing in the wall. It perfectly secures this holder with the place and averts it from falling even while multiple shoes are hung on it.
  • Space-saving design: Three holders of this rack can be folded. When you don’t need to use any of the carrier of the rack, turn it under the rack and save place.
  • Multiple uses: Use it in the kitchen to hang cleaning towels or make it a rack for wet utensils to dry out quickly.