360 Degree Adjustable Faucet Extender

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It is really troublesome if your kitchen faucet splashes a lot.

It’ll wet your clothes and won’t let you quickly do your kitchen chores.

If you’re in this trouble, get our 360° Adjustable Faucet Extender and get splash-free water emission.

Moveable to change in any position and balance the water flow, this faucet extender brings ease to your life.

What you’ll get

  • Keep your faucet splash-free: This faucet extender provides a non-splashing stream by regulating the water passage of the faucet’s aerators. No more water splashing even in case of fully opening the tab.
  • Adjustable pipe: Faucet pipe’s length is adjustable from 8cm to 12 cm. Just stretch the pipe to ensure that your kids pleasantly wash their hands and face.
  • 360° rotating faucet: Designed in a 360-degree module, this faucet extender can be moved at any angle — no more hassle to wash vegetables and kitchen gadgets.
  • Simple installation: Zero expertise is required to install this faucet extender. Just put this extender on your faucet with the pipe fastener and screw the clasp to properly secure the extender on the faucet.
  • Water filtration: The natural minerals in the faucet material filter the water before it reaches you. It absorbs impurities and enhances the quality of water.