360-Degree Rotating Seasoning Box

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Tired of opening and closing spice jar lids to only see that it is not the one you are looking for?

Get this wall-mountable 360 degree rotating seasoning box for your kitchen and get rid of the hassle of opening multiple jar lids.

These are transparent from the front, making visible what's inside. Rotate the layers in a zig-zag position to make the contents easily accessible from all angles.

What you'll get:

  • Multi-use holder: the spice holder is perfect for keeping the spices separate from each other. Not just for spices, but you can also store sugar, pulses, chickpeas, or even dry fruits.
  • Easy access: This 360-degree rotating seasoning box is extremely easy to get your desired spice. Simply pull the storage box out and grab a pinch or a spoon full of whatever you need. No more worry of opening tightly closed jar lids.
  • Hygienic storage: With a plastic cover and a full proof transparent container, the contents inside are safe from dust. The hygienic storage makes this holder ideal to use for eatables.
  • Drill-free installation: This holder is installed with adhesive tapes that don't require drilling or nailing in the wall.