360 Knife Cutter

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What if you could have a single knife that would act as a pizza cutter, dough cutter, herb mincer and pastry cutter, all in one?

This legendary 360 knife cutter is the answer. This innovative and efficient, cutting device is faster and more precise than scissors or a regular knife! Now, you can chop, slice, dice and trim like a pro chef. It combines two of the greatest inventions known to man; the knife and the wheel. It's the perfect Rolling Knife!

This 360 rolling knife cutter features a sharp blade that's great for cutting and chopping a variety of foods such as beef, vegetables, pizza, cakes, fruit, herbs and the list goes on. 

What you’ll get:

  • User-friendly design: The ergonomic design allows you to safely cut raw food, fast. Its 360 degree rotating design ensures well-chopped ingredients in a shorter period of time. 
  • Multiple uses: Slice, dice, chop and mince with a high level of precision. Cut and chop various foods evenly and easily with the unique, circular, scissor-like design. 
  • Time-saving operation: Prepare your dinner quickly and easily with this great 360 rolling knife cutter! 
  • Quality assurance: The blade will never rust and it's sharper than other brands' cutting utensils. Easy to grip and non-slip!
  • User-friendly: Minimal force is needed to cut various foods ith it, therefore you can avoid excessive force and strained wrist.