360 Rotating Light Up Police Car Toy

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Policemen are one of the most loyal countrymen. They fight the bad guys, protect the money and life of the residents and work hard to maintain law and order in the country.

No reason why your kid shouldn’t be a police officer one day – but wouldn’t they need a police car to get into the role? Sure, they would.  Get this swift, stylish blue and white light up police car toy and let the training begin.

It instills fear inside the hearts of the burglars with its shiny LED lights.

It can chase down any speedy car they might have – no chances of escape for the bad guys.

It signals the people about an impending car chase through its sirens.

It does everything a real police car does – make your kid the coolest on the block now. Make him the police officer who fights the bad guys.  

What you’ll get:

  • Enjoyable police car: This light up car toy flashes with red, green and blue LEDs, which will make your kid go crazy. The headlights, siren working lights and rear lights all shine as well. Moreover, it rotates 360 degrees, gives siren sounds, the door and the trunk opens to provide a wholesome experience while playing.
  • Non-stop fun: When it comes across any obstruction like furniture, walls or other objects in the house, it smartly changes the direction. Which means the fun will never stop and your kids will remain immersed in playtime while you carry on with your household chores.
  • Enhances the motor skills of toddlers: Your angelic kids can reach out to the moving car and try to catch it while it travels along the driveway or dining hall. This will develop their motor skills. The LED lights will also build up their color sensing capabilities.
  • Great gift for toddlers: This light up police car toy is an outstanding gift for kids on their birthdays and Christmas. Make your little ones beaming on these celebrations with the moving and rotating police car.