3D Mitre Angle Measuring Tool

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Working on your woodworking projects without a mitre angle tool is like working on a dress stitching project without scissors.

But you don’t want separate tools for drawing parallel lines, marking angles and measuring lengths, right?

Here’s the 3D Mitre Angle Measuring Tool with everything you need in it. It is stable, accurate and durable. Race towards the completion of your woodworking tasks with it and thank us later J.

What you’ll get:

  • Mark angles and lengths easily: The scale allows you to measure lengths from 0-150mm and angles from 0-90 degrees. They are inscribed on the scale and will not rub off with time.
  • Draw parallel lines on planks and sheets: The other feature of the 3D mitre angle measuring tool is the parallel line holes which allow you to draw lines at a distance of 2-55mm with 1mm increment. Insert the pencil in the designated hole and run the scale upwards or downwards to draw the line.
  • Drill guide for further assistance: The 9 drill hole diameters from 2-10mm enables you to determine the drill bit diameter before the drilling process.
  • Enables you to build a dovetail shape: There are two dovetail models on the scale which easily makes a standard dovetail shape on the wood for you.

* Applications: woodworking projects, decoration projects, furniture making, DIY tasks.