3D Rainbow Window Film

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UV rays don't only make you look aged by causing wrinkles on your skin, but also direct sun exposure fades your furniture's color.

These also impact your eyes' corneal, resulting in weak eyesight.

As a result, protecting yourself from the sun is good for your skin, health, and home decor.

But how to do it?

Simply leash your hand at this 3D Rainbow Window Film and prevent UV radiations from entering your home while also adding a gorgeous touch to it.

This window film is simple to install and does not leave any marks when removed.

What you'll get:

  • Rainbow panorama: This window film is designed in light multi-colors. When sunlight falls on it, rainbow-colored reflection spreads across the space to beautify the surroundings.
  • UV rays block: This sticker prevents UV radiation from entering your room. Thus, it prevents skin issues that occur when you are exposed to UV rays and protects your furniture from fading its color.
  • Personal privacy: This window film hides your room's interior view from the outside. You keep protected from prying eyes without compromising on the natural light.
  • Wide applications: This 3D rainbow window film beautifully tones every place. Whether it is your bedroom, tv lounge, or kitchen, this window sheet will add colors and make it look appealing.