7-Blade Strawberry Slicer

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It’s Saturday morning and you have a grand party at your home. 6 families from your neighborhood will stomp in your house within hours. You had decided to make strawberry pies but now it seems like an undoable task.

There is batter to make, crust to bake, cream to whip, strawberries to slice…

But wait, you can gallop through the strawberry slicing. Wouldn’t that save up your precious time? Hell, yeah. But how to do it?

By getting this 7-Blade Strawberry Slicer.

It cuts up your red pellets of richness into 7 slices instantly without any danger or mess. The better part? Your kids can use this tool as well. Have them help you in the preparation and avoid the not-ready-yet embarrassment at the party.


  • Mess-free strawberry slicing: Thanks to the 7 Stainless Steel blades, strawberries of any size can be sliced without making your hands dirty at all. Your kids can slice the fruit easily as well. The tool needs no special operation. Highly useful when making pies, tarts, shakes, cakes, spritz, sundaes and pastries.
  • Quick cutting that saves time: This strawberry cutter machine slices up your strawberries in the blinking of an eye. Simply put the fruit on the curved platform, push the cutter down and there you have it, 7 slices of rich, sweet, red, shiny strawberry. The secret lies in the curved blades that apply greater pressure per unit area thus cutting the fruit quickly. It can also handle soft strawberries effectively which get smashed if you cut them with a knife.
  • Multiple uses: You can cut other small fruits with it too, e.g. berries, java plum, grapes, black currants, etc.