8" Silicone Rainbow Cake Mold

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homeandgadget Home Pink / 6" / Round 8" Silicone Rainbow Cake Mold
homeandgadget Home Blue / 6" / Round 8" Silicone Rainbow Cake Mold
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Bring innovation to your bake time with these flat rainbow cake molds that make the cake baking simpler than bread-making even. Say bye-bye to your traditional molds for layered cakes in which bake time is 2-3 times more, cakes are not easy to remove, and most importantly, you have to slice the cakes manually.


  • Even slices, no mess: With this rainbow shaped cake pans, you need not bake a big cake and then slice it manually, creating a mess and not getting the required look. Instead it makes the cake of the same thickness as required for layered cakes.
  • Heatproof, unbreakable: These cake pans are made of high-grade silicone that neither gets damaged in any way when placed in the hot oven (up to 230°C) nor does change its shape after using it for multiple times. 
  • Time-effective: The not-so-deep pan allows the cake to bake in less than half the time than usual.
  • Easy to Remove: Unlike other pans from which the cake removal is a hectic process, the cake removal from this silicone baking pan is just a twist away. No need to insert knives or spatulas to unstick and remove the base with extra care.
  • Size: 8 inches (diameter)