Acupuncture Moxibustion Detox Patch

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Staying in pain due to stiff joints or feeling too weak to complete daily tasks is a distressing situation.

It also affects your mental peace and makes you depressed.

Finally, you begin to lose interest in your everyday routines, worsening the situation.

Are you finding no way to get out of this situation?

No need to worry – simply get your hands at this Acupuncture Moxibustion Detox Patch and stay healthy to accomplish your duties actively.

These patches reduce stiff joint pain and enhance metabolism, providing you with energy. This moxibustion therapy is made of all-natural ingredients.

What you’ll get:

  • Arthritis pain therapy: These patches are made of moxibustion that cures your stiff joints and relieves you from pain and swelling. It helps you carry on your daily jobs freely by making you healthy and active.
  • Stay active & healthy: These patches promote metabolism and blood circulation in your body, providing energy and preventing numbness in your feet and hands.
  • No skin allergy: These detox patches are made of herbal moxibustion. They don’t irritate your skin and cause allergies.
  • Simple to use: Applying these moxibustion patches is simple. Attach the moxa cone with the suction cups and tear the adhesive paper on the base. Now, light the cone and stick it with the acupoint. When the moxa cone ends, remove the patch from your body.

Package Content: 60 stickers per box