Adjustable Measuring Spoon

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Reduce the clutter in your kitchen drawer by combining every single teaspoon and tablespoon measuring implement you own, into one handy tool. Simply slide the adjuster on this Adjustable Measuring Spoon to your desired increment and scoop. This handy kitchen gadget is perfect for all your cooking needs!

Why store an excess of extra measuring spoons and then spend your valuable time sifting through them all trying to find just the spoon you need? This handy, measuring spoon makes your cooking tasks so much easier and so much faster. To use it, you just slide the cover and it will stop at the measurement you desire. The grooved thumbprints are there to help you move the sliders back and forth for perfectly accurate measurements every time! It's perfect for any recipes and any kitchen cooking needs as it's useful for measuring dry, liquid and semi-liquid ingredients.

The food-grade plastic is easy to clean and it won't affect the flavor of your ingredients. It's dishwasher safe and features high-quality construction for long lasting durability. 


  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe, this measuring spoon features high-quality construction that's long lasting and durable.
  • This measuring spoon can adjust to every measurement, from a 1ml - 13ml measuring spoon.
  • Measures Grams and Milliliters- 2 in 1 design
  • Measures dry, liquid and semi-liquid ingredients
  • Material: ABS, PP, TPR
  • Color: Green
  • Size: 22 x 3.5 cm/8.7 x 1.4 in.
  • Type: Kitchen utensil/ Measuring Spoon