Adjustable Microfiber Dust Brush Gap Mop

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Do you have a variety of cleaning mops hanging on your kitchen & bathroom walls?

Small, medium, large, and extra-large…

These are not just the sizes of the cleaning cloths but your mops as well.

Let's change that by bringing this all-in-1 adjustable microfiber dust brush gap mop.

Dust, liquids, paper, hair, or any other mess you can think of, this cleaning brush is your one tool army for all. 

What you'll get:

  • Clean difficult spots: If you are having a hard time cleaning those small gaps and corners in your home, this flexible dust brush gap mop is sure to become your best friend. A single wipe is enough to provide you with a nice clean surface, no matter where.
  • Telescopic design: The heightened ceiling or the far edge beneath the sofa were inaccessible to clean, but not with this telescopic cleaning brush. Extend it to the length of 95cm approx. and get rid of every bit of dust in your house.
  • One brush for all cleaning: The microfiber cleaning dusting cloth is perfect for cleaning every type of mess. With this cleaning brush, you’ll be able to wipe liquids, collect paper, hair or glass, and clean the dust efficiently in a time-saving manner.
  • Easy storage: The mop can be detached into 2 parts and kept away when not in use. With a hole in the handle, it can conveniently be hung on a nail or hook for safekeeping.