Adjustable No Squeeze Juice Box Holder

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You just dolled up your little one to go to a friend's house, but she started craving juice.

In an effort to save any spillage, you took the first sip of juice before giving it to her. 


Kids are kids, and they will mess things up no matter how much you try to be careful. With juice spilled over her beautiful frock, you have to change her dress again for an already late gathering. 

Isn't it the worst of cases?

Of course, it is. But there is one way you can stay ahead of things. Wondering how? 

This juice box holder is your knight in shining armor gadget to prevent such mishaps.

With this thoughtful product, your kids won't be able to squeeze the box and ruin the carpet, clothes, sofa or bed sheets by splattering liquids all over them. 


  • No mess: This juice box holder is the perfect solution to all the liquid mess your bundles of joy are prone to. Using it will reduce your workload, and you'll feel much more relaxed giving juice or milk to kids in this holder. 
  • Easy to hold: When it comes to eating and drinking, children are obstinate. They want to do things on their own, yet it's tough for them to grasp a milk bottle or a juice tetra pack. Utilize this adjustable holder with easy-to-grip handles designed specifically for little hands.
  • Suitable for multiple-sized bottles or boxes: This drink holder's flexible design makes it great for holding various-sized cartons or bottles. There's no need to buy additional holders for different-sized drink containers. 
  • Easy to carry: Not just for your home but this juice box case is ideal for travels on car, bus, train or plane. Prevent any embarrassing situations of spilling liquids in public transport or keep your lovely car mess-free with this innovative and needful product.