Adjustable Underdesk Foot Hammock

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Sitting at the desk during work takes a toll on the back and leg muscles. This contributes to muscle problems and hundreds of bucks are then spent on treating them. This Underdesk Foot Hammock is a cheap solution to all those problems. Fix it on the sides of your desk and adjust the height according to your need. Work without stress on your back or in your legs now.


  • Durable construction: The fabric of the footrest is heard-wearing. The hooks are made of steel while the steadying bars are of wood. Together they form a sturdy hammock.
  • Two adjustable positions: The under desk foot hammock can be adjusted owing to the stoppers. The lower position is most suited while working and the upper position/rest position allows you to straighten up your legs while resting in breaks.
  • Powerful hooks: The steel hooks can bear a load of 50 kg and have non-slip silicone pads on them that attach with the surface of the desk. These hooks are suitable for desks having a maximum thickness of 55mm and the cotton ropes can work well for tables with lengths under 170 cm.
  • Stress releaser setup: It is designed to maximize your output at work and prevent your body from taking stress. Long study and work hours affect the lower back and legs a lot; this product is a simple solution to this problem.
  • Accessories included: 2 steel hooks, 2 steadying bars, 2 stoppers for height adjustment, 2 cotton ropes, 1 staging (footrest).