Air Fryer Disposable Paper Liners

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Air fryers are a great healthy way of preparing crispy and delicious food.

Food that crunches under your teeth while enriching your taste buds with juicy flavors.

But what about the mess that the seasoning and heat make inside the fryer? Those unsightly sticky food debris that sticks to the walls and base?

Get these air fryer paper liners and solve this issue once and for all. Oilproof, non-stick and waterproof in nature, they have 4.5 cm heightened edges to isolate the food from the walls and the base completely.  

And even if you like to have your food dipped in puddles of grease, rest assured these liners will not let it seep through them. You’ll have clean plates after being done with a tasty chicken nugget lunch or a fish fillet dinner.

Fold the disposable liners carefully and throw them inside the trash can. As easy as that!

What you’ll get:

  • No food sticking in your air fryers: Prevent the food from staining your air fryer walls with these fryer parchments. Simply lay the food on it before putting it inside the fryer and treat yourself to spotless fryer walls and base. It’s thick and has 4.5 cm edges that prevent any food from sticking with the walls.

  • No oil stains on the plates: These oil-proof air fryer paper liners will not allow oil, grease or food debris to drain through them. You’ll notice clean plates after you’re done with the eating.

  • Saves effort: Dispose of them easily. No need to scrub the plates in your sink. Also, they come in 2 sizes and have a round bowl shape, so there is no need to trim or cut any part before use.

  • Use in all your fryers: With high temperature resistance of 428oF, you can use them in almost all models of air fryers. They will fit well and are equally suitable for baking as well. You can use them in ovens and steamers too.

Package includes: 50pcs