Anti Spill Silicone Funnel Pour

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Do you find it challenging to pour down the residual water after boiling veggies?

Do the water spills make your kitchen countertop messy?

If yes, we have the right thing to make all such chores easier and less chaotic for you.

Get a hold of this anti-spill silicone funnel pour that will make decanting liquids out of the pots a breeze.

Attach it with the side of the pot and let all the water strain out of this funnel pour.

What you’ll get:

  • Wide compatibility: This anti-spill funnel pour has a practical design-build that makes it compatible with almost all sizes of pots and pans. The silicone material gives it flexibility, making it easy to attach with pots.
  • Clean countertops: With no spilling out of the containers, your kitchen countertops will be mess free. You won’t be doing the hard work cleaning the counters with a towel or tissues.
  • Useful as strainer: The strainer holes make it ideal to strain broth or boiled veggies. Small eatables like corn and peas can easily be strained as it has a collecting base that will hold sneaky peas.