Automatic Hair Braider Hair Twister USB Electric Braiding Machine

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Do you love different braid styles but can't do them yourself?

Visiting a salon for this small task is not only time-consuming but costs a lot of money.

Makes braids quickly and affordable with The Original Automatic Hair Braid Twister Tool.

This electric twister makes the process enjoyable and enables you to create a stunning braided hairdo on your own.

What you’ll get:

  • Quick braids styles: This tool will assist you in making a variety of quick braid styles, whether it's lace, rope, ladder, or lattice braid.
  • No hair hurting: This twister doesn’t heat up and hurts your hair. It also keeps them from tangling and sustains their smooth shape. Feel comfortable using it for your sensitive hair.  
  • Simple to use: No expertise is required to use this tool. Hold two buns of hair. Next, press the hair hooks button and install hair buns into them one by one. Now, for counterclockwise twirling, slide the button upwards, and for a clockwise twirling push down the button.