Automatic Toothpaste Dispenser

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Does your toothpaste tube ever get squeezed? And, you get excess toothpaste on your brush?

It's not just a waste of toothpaste, but it also leaves you with a foul taste in your mouth.

With our Automatic Toothpaste Dispenser, you can get the exact amount of toothpaste you need!

Upper and lower layer extrusion makes this dispenser conveniently usable for both children and adults!

This dispenser can be used with any toothpaste tube, regardless of its size.

What you’ll get

  • Get the required amount of toothpaste: Get yourself free from the opening and closing of the toothpaste. Keep your toothpaste free from waste with this toothpaste dispenser. 
  • Perfect for adults and children: Small and large toothbrushes can both benefit from the two squeezing options (upper and bottom layer).
  • No hole in your wall: Keep your wall free from drilling and hammering with this toothpaste dispenser. Hang this dispenser with the sticker that’s included in the package.  
  • Clean this dispenser within seconds: Cleaning this dispenser is simple. The shell (outer cover of the dispenser) is attached with a buckle and gets removed easily. To begin, remove the pushrod and then the vacuum extruder. Remove the toothpaste outlet and clean it.