Bag Sealer With Fridge Magnet

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Soggy chips, mushy biscuits, soft crackers. Yuk. Who likes eating them? Yet you have to do that every now and then:(
And if you don’t eat them, you have to throw them away or give them to your pets. Good news - not anymore with our handheld plastic bag sealer and cutter.  

Now you can keep your snacks and food perfectly fresh, right in its own bag, with this portable, compact tool. This handy, mini Bag Sealer With Fridge Magnet seals and reseals your plastic bags (chips, chocolates, cookies, etc) in just seconds. It creates an airtight heat seal that locks in freshness, using micro-thermal technology to heat and bond bags quickly and efficiently. No more worries about keeping your food fresh, simply reseal your food bags and maintain that newly opened freshness!


  • Micro-thermal technology ensures the heat seals are airtight and non-leaking

  • Seals virtually any plastic bag quickly and easily including your chips, biscuits, meat, vegetables and cereals

  • Seals PVC, PE, PP & PET bags up to 0.45mm thickness

  • 3 seconds heat up time

  • Ideal for resealing at home, traveling and picnics

  • Mini-portable design; handheld and attachable.

  • Magnetic base, conveniently store as a fridge magnet to keep it handy 

  • Needs 2 AA Batteries (Not Included) 

How to use plastic bag sealer:

Slide the edge of the plastic bag’s opening (chips e.g.) between the sealing plates of the tool. Do this process slowly for 3-4 seconds and you would get a secure heat seal.