Banana Neon Sign For Wall Decor

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There is so much to talk about bananas.

Being one of the best sources of Vitamin B6, they help in producing red blood cells and metabolize amino acids.

They give you Vitamin C, which protects against tissue damage and makes your bones stronger.
They are a quick source of energy – the reason why tennis players have them in stock.

But how do you convince yourself to eat this magical fruit every day? By bringing this neon banana wall decoration light into your house!

Rendered in a peeling banana design, glowing brilliantly with yellow and white light, it casts a homey glow in your room, provides a welcoming touch for your guests and works perfectly as a soothing nightlight.


  • Beautiful design that everyone adores: This wall light is sure to become your new favorite. With its exuberant colors and funky design, your mood and home décor are sure to be uplifted.
  • Double power options: You are in luck because this banana neon sign offers dual power options – USB and batteries (3 x AA). If you wish to place it on the wall that has an electric socket nearby, use the USB connection. Otherwise, use the batteries option.
  • Easy installation: Hang the lamp on the wall with a nail. There is a hanging hole incorporated within the design. As it is under 30 cm in length, you can attach it at multiple places; beside your lounge’s couch, in your kid’s room, the wall behind your bed, etc.
  • Interesting gift: What better housewarming gift can there be than an attractive home décor item? This neon banana is exactly that. Lift the spirits of the new homeowners with this thoughtful present.