Battery Operated Cute Little Cloud Lamp

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It must be hateful when you have to drag yourself to your scared-of-the-dark kid's room at 2 in the morning with your eyes half-open. Every. Single. Night.

You can’t even think about getting a good night's sleep if your child is disturbed. Because of the irregular sleep pattern, forget about being productive the next day either.

Looking for a permanent and budget-friendly solution to this exhausting scenario?

Your quest has landed you on an ideal product – Little Cloud Lamp.

It is adorable to make your kid fall in love with it instantly, and he would want to keep it around him all the time.

Most importantly, it will put a full stop to waking up from sleep both for yourself and the kid. Providing a soothing light, this lamp will ensure that your kid doesn't feel frightened at night and sleeps comfortably.


  • Cute addition to room décor: Even though it is only a light lamp, it still has a lot of cuteness to make it an ideal room décor addition. Infect your home with happy vibes by placing this little cloud lamp and transform the dark and gloomy ambiance into a bright and lively one.
  • Your child's best friend: Not every day your kid's friends can come over for a sleepover. But this night light is sure to be friends with your young one. So he would want to keep it close to him, especially during the night.
  • Non-disturbing: No need to switch on the bright tube light for your night chores like breastfeeding or changing the diapers. This night light is enough to manage your late-night tasks.
  • Portable: Being battery-powered, small in size, and light in weight, it is convenient to take along your road trips, camping adventures, or to grandma's house. No need to leave your child's favorite light source behind.