Bear Shaped Sandwich Bread Cutter

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Your children are envious of their classmates' nice lunches. You tried everything you could to make your recipes cool and unique, but it was all for naught.

Let's turn the tables on his pals and make them envious of his lunch.


Use this bear sandwich cutter to turn the boring and elementary bread into incredibly adorable bear-shaped sandwiches.

It also seals the sandwiches which stops the contents from spilling. It's a must-have kitchen item that'll have your youngsters begging to eat the bear for breakfast.

No kid will be able to resist the cute beady eyes and the big smile of a bear on their sandwich.


  • Get rid of plain sandwiches: This bear sandwich cutter gives the ideal shape to the sandwiches, making them interesting and fun to eat for kids. In addition, it is sure to encourage young picky eaters to eat sandwiches happily. No more annoying behavior of children that refuses to eat bread.
  • Multiple uses: The sky's the limit for the options of sandwich fillings, make PB&J, ham & cheese etc. Not just for bread cutting, this mold is ideal for making bear-shaped cookies as well. Uplift your baking skills with this cutter.
  • Safe to use: This sandwich shaper is safe to use. It doesn’t have sharp edges making it convenient to use for kids as well. It is the perfect tool to introduce children to kitchen chores.
  • Health safety: Made with non-toxic material, using it for food items is completely safe. Using it with bread or other eatables doesn’t contaminate them. So, use it with a carefree mind