Bicycle Turn Signal Indicator

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Having a cycle and riding it is every youngster's desire.

But it can be harmful as more than 38,000 people die due to traffic crashes each year in the USA. 

So, it's critical to take road safety measures into account.

Here is our Bicycle Turn Signal Indicator to provide you with enjoyable riding without any danger. 

It makes your presence known and helps other cars keep a safe distance from your bicycle to avoid an accident.

What you'll get:

  • Road safety: The lights system of this signal indicator helps others to get to know your existence and create distance. The light is so bright that they make your presence sure even in intense fog and night. 
  • Quality buckle system: The light indicator and remote control come with strap buckles. It's convenient to use the buckle system and securely ties the remote and light to the bike. Simply open the buckle strap, wrap it around the bike, and close it again.
  • 3 light modes range: With three light modes, this bicycle indicator light is ideal to have installed on your bike. Laser light, tail light, and three signal lights are light modes of this remote control - use the light mode that fits your needs and have a safe drive.