Brite Lite Eyebrow Tweezer

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These revolutionary eyebrow tweezers with led lights have now perfected the art of tweezing.

You won’t hurt yourself or shape the eyebrows wrongly when you have this lighted tweezer in your hands.

Crafted from the finest stainless steel with hand-filed, precision tips, these tweezers are perfectly aligned and guaranteed to tweeze all the unwanted hair with ease. The ultra-bright LED light illuminates your eyebrows allowing you to find those hard to see hairs.

This eyebrow tweezer with led light design is chic, compact in size, and comes with a built-in mirror, is perfect for use at home or quick touch-ups while on the go. Never feel like you're left in the dark with these slanted tweezers that highlight every hair with the help of LED lighting.

Now, you can shine a light on the task at hand with these handy, light-up eyebrow tweezers. The slanted tip lets you tweeze with extra accuracy, while the push-button LED light shines extra bright, so that your tweezing is done with accuracy and care. These innovative precision tweezers come with 3 batteries, so that your light will last for a long time.

This small beauty gadget is sure to be one of the most needed makeup tools for females. So get it for yourself or for the women in your life.