Camping Lantern Hook Hanger

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Everyone hangs their belongings while hiking, camping, playing and picnic-ing.

Sometimes on the trees.

Sometimes on the pole.

Sometimes on the railings.

But what happens? They can fall down, get carried away with a draft or the hanging spot is pretty damn messy.

That’s why we have this Camping Lantern Hook Hanger. It’s not only meant for your camping lanterns but clothes, bags, caps and party decorations as well. The anti-slip hanger can be wound around any pole, branch or railing which is less than 1.2 cm in diameter.

What you’ll get:

  • Hang lanterns anywhere: These hooks allow you to camp anywhere. The only thing you need for these hooks is a pole or a branch less than 1.2 cm in diameter. Wound the hook around it and hang your lantern or light with it. It won’t fall because of the coil design.
  • Multiple uses: You may use these hooks for hanging your bags, decorative lights, banners, playing equipment or bottles.
  • Great for outdoor activities: It’s exceedingly useful for fishing, hiking, camping, barbeque and mountaineering adventures.

Style 1: Pig tail hook A2 mini 14x3cm
Style 2: pig tail hook A5 short 13.5x5.5cm
Style 3: Pig tail hook A1 long 25x5cm
Style 4: Loop Hook Small 25x5cm
Style 5: Loop Hook Large: 26x5cm