Undercarriage Washer Attachment For Pressure Washing

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High-pressure water thrower for car chassis washing, this Under Car Pressure Washer comes with the convenient design of two wheels and 65° fan shape.  It throws water with good pressure from four nozzles and confirms a complete wash to your car's bottom area. You can attach it with any water source; however, a source with pressure is most recommended for the best experience.  


  • Convenient washing: You do not have to go through tiring surface scratching, as the washer will wash off the dirt and contaminants with pressure, in no time.
  • Easy to move wheel design: There are two wheels attached to the body so that you don't have to hold the washer for too long. Simply move wheels and wash.
  • Clean chassis: The undercarriage wash cleaner is feasible to be used for cleaning car chassis.

Note:  Tool is recommended to use with high pressure only. Handle not included.