Car LED Cup Holder Coasters

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Driving through a dim road at night, you went to your favorite drive-through bar to satisfy your late sugar craving.

Uh-oh. It spilled!

Card in one hand, looking at the cashier for the bill, while trying to adjust the drink in the car cup holder with the other.

Of course, it had to.

Oops, now your drink is gone and so is your good mood. :p

Kick-off all the dark times in your life with these fun, glowy, and magical LED cup holder lights.

Install these waterproof light pads in your car to bright up the space; avoid the sneaky spillage!

Place the coasters beside your gaming setup; add an accent glow to your streaming night!

Put them on your bedside; set the cozy and cuddly mood in your bedroom!

Ah, there’s so much more you can illuminate with our led cup holder disc. Don’t believe it? Try it for yourself!


  • Brightening colors: Press the switch button for 3 seconds to witness the color change. On every press, you can add a unique and cool light to your space.
  • Easy Installation: It comes with a suction cup that can be attached to any flat surface. No destructive and difficult installation anymore!
  • Illuminate your car: Connect them to the car cup mat to securely place your favorite drinks even in a low light area.
  • Light up the bedroom: These are the best LED cup holder lights to create a cool and glowy effect in your room at night.
  • Set up the party ambiance: Place these multicolor rings randomly on the dining table while setting up the house for your weekend party. It offers 7 changing colors so your friends get to custom pick their favorite color.