Car LED Visor Vanity Make Up Mirror

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homeandgadget Home Black Car LED Visor Vanity Make Up Mirror
homeandgadget Home Black Car LED Visor Vanity Make Up Mirror
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Have you ever done makeup in the car? And, what if there isn’t a good mirror in front of you? It’ll waste much of your time! Also, it might not let you properly outline your eyes and your foundation hue may change.

But what if you can flawlessly do your makeup in the car? And, it takes very little time?

Wouldn’t it be great?

See over our Visor Vanity Mirror & get ready in minutes! You can keep your naughty child in check with this visor too.

Besides providing flawless reflection, it has many other features

  • Stepless dimmer adjusts the mirror light according to your mood.
  • Gives you 3 light colors options (yellow, white, yellow & white).
  • Ultra-thin design to beautifully match your car’s interior.
  • USB battery charging to keep the visor bright always.

So, go with this visor vanity mirror to have an optimistic view and sound makeover!

What you’ll get:

  • Adjust light according to your mood:  Customize the light brightness via dimmer, whether you like the bright or low light. There is a total of 60 LED lights that can change as per your desire.
  • Do makeup in the light you want: White, yellow or white and yellow, 3 lights colors choice alters the whole perspective.
  • Install it within seconds: To install this visor vanity mirror, simply place the straps around the car visor. Adjust the straps and attach the visor with the fixed place. Once it gets fastened, arrange the visor in your preferred position.
  • High-quality built: Don’t hesitate to opt for this car makeup mirror. Premium ABS stays intact to provide you with a long-lasting experience.
  • Fits any passenger mirror easily: The slim design of this mirror perfectly fits in your vehicle or wherever you want. Thereby, if you want to give your automobile a nice update, go for this mirror.
  • Don’t worry about charging: USB C-Type charging ensures that your LED mirror is always illuminated. When the light on your visor mirror begins to dim, simply recharge it.