Car Safety Rearview Mirror

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A significant number of road accidents occur when a car passenger opens the door without looking for the riders coming from behind.

The sight of motorbikes hitting a quickly opened car door are unfortunate but common to see.

Avoid such accidents by installing this car safety rearview mirror on the back doors. Since the side mirrors are more useful to front seaters, this rearview mirror is a lot useful for the back passengers.

Eliminate blind spots and make the roads safe for yourself and others.

What you’ll get:

  • Clear view: The mirror glass is very clear and provides an excellent view of everything coming from behind.
  • No blind spots: This car safety rearview mirror offers a widened view of the road and leaves no blind spots for the car passengers.
  • Easy installation: The mirror is easy to install. Simply remove the cover from the back and attach the mirror to the door with its adhesive base.
  • Safer roads: With a clear view of the road for the rear seat passengers, the chances of someone accidentally hitting the door are rare, and thus, the roads are safer.
  • Universal use: The mirror is compatible with all types of cars. Whether you have an SUV, hunchback, or a sedan, this ideally installs on all.