Car Seat Headrest Mount Tablet Holder

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Check out this amazingly handy Car Seat Headrest Mount Tablet Holder! Our Tablet Holders are crafted using only high-quality materials. 

Specially designed to hold tablets, this Car Seat Headrest Mount Tablet Holder clamps securely and holds your tablet steady, even on the bumpiest roads. No need to worry that your device will fall off and get damaged, as it's mounted so securely the bracket won't even shake! All of the holding points that have contact with your device are padded with rubber, so that they're anti-slip and they won't scratch and scuff your valuable electronic device. 

Created using premium-quality, ABS plastic, this bracket was specially designed to enhance your life away from home! When you're out on the road, the backseat passengers can enjoy watching movies, playing games, or listening to music and the solid, durable bracket will hold your tablet tightly and securely. A happy child in the back seat means additional peace of mind! 


  • Compatible with most 2-Post Headrests
  • The removable Headrest Mount platform can be adjusted to the desired position
  • 360-degree swivel ball head joint allows you to customize your view perfectly
  • Conveniently holds phones and tablets on the headrest to facilitate easy use by passengers
  • Headrest Mount clamps to the rear of the headrest and holds monitor firmly in place so that backseat passengers can enjoy watching movies or videos.
  • Material- ABS Plastic
  • Color- Black