Car Steering Wheel Tray For Laptop & Food

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For all those regular travelers and carpools out there, this car steering wheel tray is the new crush they have been dreaming about. It holds your drinks and food items right in front of you and when you have to work, it can also become a laptop stand.

Increase functionality in your car and reduce dependence on your front seat partner for serving you food and drinks during driving on the highway. But beware while turning the steering wheel, the tray will move alongside as well.


  • 2-in-1 work and food tray: It serves to be a steering wheel food tray as well as a laptop stand. One side has a space for snacks and a drink. On the other side, there is a working platform for your laptop and a space for a pen where you can also put the stylus of your laptop and pad.

  • Easy to mount: No hassle in setting up the tray, the claws can be positioned so that the steering wheel fits into them. It will fit almost all cars but is not suitable for large vehicles like trucks and 12-wheelers, etc.

  • Durable build: The steering wheel food tray is made up of PP which doesn’t fracture or break. If you mistakenly spill a drink over it, it won’t be absorbed. It is good for trip stops where you can have food in your seat without taking off your seatbelt. Or while working on the laptop or notepad.