Car Sun Visor Tissue Holder

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Tired of picking up a tissue box from the car floor and placing it back on the dashboard?

Or is it uncomfortable for you to put a mask box in the glove compartment?

To find a solution for both these problems, use this car sun visor tissue holder. It attaches comfortably to the car visor, no dropping, and easy access to tissues or masks.

It is dustproof, ensuring that your tissues or masks stay hygienic and safe to use.

What you’ll get:

  • Anti-fall grip: The adjustable elastic bands of the holder are easy to fit on different-sized car visors. They grip it tightly and prevent the holder from falling down.
  • Multi-use holder: It is ideal to use for storing tissues and masks and is equally efficient for both.
  • Easy access: Instead of opening the glove compartment or center console to get tissue or mask, this car sun visor tissue holder makes the access easy and done in a snap. Your attention won’t be diverted from the road even to take tissue out of the holder.
  • Space-saving: With this holder attached in an unused place like a car sun visor, you’ll have more space to place things on the dashboard. Attach a phone holder or perfume diffuser to the dashboard and use the space in better ways.