Carrot Pull Radish Plush Toy

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How do you teach numbering to your kids?

By writing on a piece of paper? No, no, That’s no fun. Your kids will be bored out of their minds.

You need color, you need excitement, you need a toy.

You need this Carrot Pull Radish Plush Toy. Soft to touch and vibrant in color, there’s no reason why your child won’t learn counting now. Ask him to remove 2 carrots from the ground and see if he does that correctly. Or direct her to put back 4 carrots in the ground and observe what she does.

This interactive fun time will make your child a fast learner. And you can also use it as a stress-buster.

What you’ll get:

  •  Interactive toy for kids: Not only will the pulling and pushing of the carrots sharpen your toddlers’ minds, but it will also improve their grip and motor skills. The leaves of the carrots are securely stitched and won’t come off with all the pulling action.
  • Multiple uses: Use it as a toy for kids, as a stress-relieving object or as a home décor item for your kid’s room.