Ceramic Cat Spoon Rest

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Do you remember preparing a sizzling, hot & sour soap in your kitchen for your family one fine chilling night? You gracefully mixed the contents with your ladle and placed the ladle down on the countertop. Because there wasn’t any other place nearby.

It did mess up your white, marble countertop but that wasn’t the worst part. You accidentally stained your right sleeve with it while taking out pepper from the spice counter.

If only you had a ladle rest!

Say no more, we hear you. This whimsical cat spoon rest is here for your rescue. Made from ceramic, it boasts a white color with black eyes and whiskers.

The concave divot will hold your tasting spoon, the tail will hook to your stirring ladle while the legs will get hold of your lid. Isn’t that ‘purringly’ convenient and versatile!


  • Cute design that everyone adores: The cat spoon holder is infused with a lively design featuring your favorite pup with her eyes closed. The small paws and the erect red ears add up to the joviality.

  • Clean clothes & countertops: The main use is to provide a platform for your dripping ladles and spoons. It keeps your countertops free of liquid food and prevents your clothes (especially the sleeves and elbow area) from being stained.

  • One tool for many uses: The concave divot can hold your spoon, knife or fork while the tail of the cat will keep your ladles in an upright position. As for the legs of the cat, it will hold your lids or chopsticks. You can also use this utensil for serving ketchup and sauces.

  • Easy to wash: Another big advantage of the cat spoon rest is that it is a breeze to wash it and get off the food remains. Sauces, soaps, pastes and curries can be very sticky and hard to remove from the lids or the countertop if dried. But because it is made of ceramic, the remains can easily be scrubbed off.