Chair Stacking Game For Kids

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As parents, you would be astonished to see no physical games mentioned in the results when you search for “top games that kids play”.The results would be populated by either board or the dreaded video games.

Isn’t that a concerning circumstance for you?

Physical games are as essential for children as the water is for a plant.  Here’s where this chair stacking game comes to the rescue – a game that is simple to learn but difficult to master.

It consists of 18 chairs that your kids will balance on one another during their turns. The kid who falls out of the balance and drops the chair loses. Involve your little angels in this fun game to develop their motor and cognitive skills.

What you’ll get:

  • 18 chairs of different colors for the ultimate fun: The chairs come in kids' favorite colors: red, blue, green and orange. Depending on how many children are playing, the number of chairs may be divided among them. The chairs are hollowed out in a variety of patterns so that stacking them isn’t too difficult for the kids. The legs of the chair will go in those patterns during the stacking.
  • Improves the coordination skills of your kids: Color, arrangement, and balance games help the children’s cognitive growth. They’ll learn how to maneuver around objects, work under pressure and assist one another in a crisis. This chairs stack game is a full development course for your little ones.
  • Ability to make different games with the pieces: It’s not a toy that can only be used in one way. Your kids can be creative and invent new games out of it. They can set up chairs for a doll’s wedding reception or give one to each other if they get one of the spelling questions correct.