Children's Fun Swimming Frog Bath Toy

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Making kids take a bath is as annoying as nothing will ever be. They'll make you run behind them or scream in a voice that could break the roof.

A total disaster!

Using this children's fun swimming frog bath toy, you can turn this troubling task into a happy and easy one. Its cute shape and paddling motion in the water is enough to attract the young one into the water tub and make it easy for you to bathe him.

This is a fun toy that is safe for your baby to play with and have a fun bath time.

What you'll get:

  • Easy of bathing kid: With your kid busy playing with this toy, you'll be able to apply shampoo and soap on your little one relaxingly and wash him up with extreme comfort.
  • Safe to use: The frog toy has no sharp edges and is smooth enough for babies to touch and play with. It requires no batteries to work, making it extra safe for kids.
  • Easy operation: Simply rotate the key on the backside of the toy in a clockwise direction, place it in the tub and let it paddle to make it fun for kids.
  • Excellent gift choice: This children's fun swimming bath toy is an excellent gift choice for new parents to help them out in kids' bath time.