Clavicle Support Brace Belt With Velcro

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Working for long hours while sitting on a chair can disturb your posture and eventually hurt your back.

With a hurting back, your work efficiency is compromised, and in a competitive environment, this is enough to get you fired from the job.

A hurting back and unemployed – that’s a huge blow to your mental and physical health.

Shun the possibilities of these unfavorable circumstances and get yourself this highly effective clavicle brace. It provides memory support to the spine, corrects humped posture and balances your shoulder movement.

Wear it as a regular outfit inclusion under your shirt to achieve maximum and quick results. Relieve all your pains with this one clavicle support brace belt.


  • Multiple uses: This clavicle brace is not only a posture corrector but also helps in recovering a fractured collar bone. It offers spinal memory support, adjusts inclined shoulders and opens up the shoulder straight back to correct your hump.
  • Perfectly fits the body: Made for both males and females, this posture belt has an ergonomic design that fits the physiological curves of the body easily and comfortably.
  • Comfortable wear: The Velcro straps give it an easy and adjustable fit, making it breathable to wear.