Comb Cleaning Net

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It's difficult to keep the comb clean. It often gets greasy in case of combing oily hair or it sometimes becomes hard to take out tangled hair from it.

And in both these situations, you have to properly wash the brush to get it cleaned, which requires effort and time!

But no longer!

This Comb Cleaning Net will be handy for you.

It keeps your comb neat and clean at all times, helping you to smooth your hair with comfort and pleasure.

What you'll get:

  • Keep your comb clean: This comb cleaner protects your comb from hair, dirt, dust, bacteria, and scalp. Simply put it on your comb before brushing and take it out after combing your hair to keep your brush hair-free. 
  • Ultra comfortability: Soft and breathable material is used to make this comb net. It won't irritate your hair in any manner and will keep you comfy all year.
  • Multi-use: This cleaning net is perfect for all brush types. Use it for yourself or comb your puppy's hair and get the brush wiped right away. 
  • Zero quality concern: The well-made holes of this comb cleaning net don't tear even if you comb your hair in a rush.