Comfort Heel Protector Insoles Patch

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Wearing ill-fitting shoes causes shoe bites that don’t let you walk with ease. 

On the other hand, slippery shoes keep falling off as you walk and decrease your speed to do tasks. 

Getting this issue resolved is a must since you can’t keep up with your life without walking properly. 

So what to do?

Simply leash your hands at this Comfort Heel Protector Insoles Patch. 

It protects your heel from shoe biting and ensures that your feet will fit comfortably in your loose shoes. This insole patches help you perfectly walk with comfort. 

What you’ll get: 

  • Perfect shoe fitting: These insole patches are fabricated in five and ten millimeters thickness. Use the patch layer thickness of your choice and get liberty from loose shoe hassle. 
  • No more shoe bite: These insole bands protect you from abrasion and shoe bites. It enables you to walk freely without getting irritated or hurt by the shoe bites.
  • Soft & breathable: Fabrication of elastic foam and cotton mesh gives a soft touch to your feet and keeps this insole patch comfortable to use all year round easily. 
  • Adjustable: To perfectly fit these insole patches into your shoes, cut them. To begin, use a scale to measure the heel of your shoes inside the insole and cut the band accordingly. Now you may put it in your boot and wear it freely.