Cool Playing Card Bottle Opener

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What's the first board game you think of to make your gathering fun? Playing cards!

What's the boozy thing that completes your weekend party? Beer!

Now you can use your poker card during the game to open your favorite soda bottle. Yes, you read it right! We have combined creativity, ease, and entertainment in this stainless steel playing card bottle opener.

Because your love for beer and cards isn't going anytime soon.

What you'll get:

  • Pull a prank: Place a bet that you can open the soda cap with your ace of the spades. Because you literally can with our cool poker card bottle opener. Don't forget to say, "Gotcha!"
  • Portable size: This creative opener comes in a credit card size that you can carry in the wallet wherever you go. Nobody can stop you from gulping down the beer whenever you want.
  • Funny gift: It has got a vintage vibe and a fancy design to make it up to the list of party favors and white elephant presents.