Cotton Acupressure Reflexology Socks

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Reflexology has been practiced for ages to ensure better energy flow through the body. You might have also tried to practice it while seeing YouTube videos.

But pressing the same reflex points as the video instructs doesn’t seem to do anything for you, right? That’s because you are not pressing at the correct acupressure point.

Enter the world of reflexology socks. They exhibit clearly defined reflexology regions so you can press them and feel the energy flowing to your specific organs and body parts.


  • Cotton socks with snug fitting: These acupressure reflexology socks are made with a cotton blend to provide breathability and elasticity. They are suitable for all foot sizes because unlike low-quality reflexology socks, our pair doesn’t have separate toes (some people have long toes which do not fit comfortably in socks with toes).

  • Helpful printed map at the bottom: The highlight of the socks is the printed map at the bottom. It shows all the reflexology points that will target specific organs. Press these regions using the presser and you will feel blood and energy flowing to that organ. It will be fun seeing the foot doing sensations in the whole of the body. It relieves pains, reduces stress and improves your mood.

  • Money-saving on the massage appointments: Stop shedding dollars on expensive massage appointments and spa treatments and become a masseuse yourself at home with these fantastic reflexology socks. It may take some time but you will learn it eventually. Provide relief to your partner by giving him/her a massage and have a nice soothing time before going to bed each day.

Do reflexology socks work:

Every foot is shaped a little differently so the map may not be accurate for all but it only takes a few seconds to locate the right spot - it’s usually just 1-2 cm here and there. The effect however is real.
It indeed helps to relieve pain, apply soothing pressure on the foot and reduce discomfort caused by plantar fasciitis.

*The package includes the presser.