Creative Kitchen Tools Grater Shredder Salad Peeler

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Peeling and spiraling veggies beautifully and preparing dishes from them shows your culinary skills.

Spiralizing vegetables with a regular knife, however, is not possible.

So what to do?

Simply leash your hands at this kitchen tool and effortlessly create spiraling of veggies and fruits.

This shredder features spiraling, julienne, and peeling. So use this grater as per your choice and accomplish your cooking chore with pleasant.

 What you’ll get:

  • Food grade material: This grater is made of non-toxic material. Use it freely for your food purposes.
  • Sharp edge blades: This grater is equipped with two types of blades, straight and serrated blades. They're sharp enough to let you spiral and peel any vegetables and fruits with ease, as well as complete your kitchen jobs swiftly.
  • 3-In-1 mechanism: Peeling, swirling, and julienne are the three cutting options on this grater. So utilize it as you choose and enjoy doing your culinary chores.
  • Wide applications: This 3-In-1 spiral kitchen grater vegetable shredder is perfect for all veggies and fruits, including carrots, potatoes, apples, reddish, etc.
  • Smooth spiraling: A spiralizer attachment is included in the package. Simply attach it to the grater and get a beautiful spiraling of vegetables and fruits.